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Writer's Block: Coffee Or Tea?

What method do you use to prepare your coffee or tea?
 whole milk and two sugars in my coffee.  whole milk in my tea.
I  am participating in 2008 NaNoWriYe using this journal.  I'm going for 200k for the year.

I didn't win NaNoWrMo.  I got a little past 5000 words in the first week and gave up.  I feel like a poser.  I have been writing regularly though.  I have a creative writing group on Tuesdays and we have 15 minutes to write based on a prompt.  I manage about 225 words handwritten.  Afterwards, wew all read aloud what we wrote.  There are about 10 people in the group and that takes up the remaining half hour.

Annoying Dream

So I'm dreaming that I'm writing.  Everything's going well; I've got about 3 pages written in a spiral notebook.  Then I wake up and it's all gone.  Argh!  I remember bits and pieces.  I borrowed characters from various tv shows without it being a real fanfic type thing... I've got the woman with Asperger's from Boston Legal and an ambulance driver named Bruce that I borrowed from the Doctor Who tv movie - not the Master, the guy he possessed. I've also got a woman named Traci... and that's it.  There was a lot more; I'm pretty sure there was going to be a romace plot... but I don't have details.  :headdesk: This is the second time that happened. Grr... 

Nanowrimo Friending Meme

Name: Robin
NaNo username: wiccanhot
Age: 20
Location: New York City
How many years involved in NaNoWriMo: this is my fourth year
How many won: none yet
This year's genre: i don't know yet
This year's story idea, if you have one: I don't have one yet.  I'll see what I can string together from the dare thread on the nano forums
Word count goal: 50k
Word war?: yes
Interests: reading, writing, dancing
Favourite fandoms: Supernatural, Smallville, Harry Potter
About you: I'm a 20 year old girl taking a break from college
What's in your journal?: thoughts and nanowrimo stuff
Other journals you want people to add (ex. writing journals): my regular journal is wiccanhot on lj
Anything else?:  nope

About This Journal

I am participating in 2007 nanowrimo using this journal.